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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Don't bite the foster kid!!! - LK Report for 9/23/17

CHEYENNE – A local man was sentenced Thursday to at least 18 years in prison for sexually abusing a teenage foster child.


GREAT FALLS, Mont. (AP) — A critic of Montana’s child protection agency is charged with using Facebook to stalk one of its caseworkers in violation of a restraining order.


Bennington police say a foster mom bit her 9-year-old foster child.

Anna Livingston is now charged with domestic assault and cruelty to a child under 10.

More >> Foster mom accused of biting foster kid


Suppose, hypothetically, you could gather in one room 333 former foster children. Now, suppose you asked how many of them had been abused while in foster care. Does anyone seriously believe that only one of those 333 former foster children would raise her or his hand?

More >> Abuse in Foster Care: Research vs. the Child Welfare System’s Alternative Facts


(CNN) -- The Michigan ACLU filed a lawsuit in federal court Wednesday on behalf of two same-sex couples who allege discrimination when they sought to foster and adopt children.

More >> Michigan ACLU alleges state bias against same-sex foster, adoptive couples


The Arizona Supreme Court unanimously ruled Tuesday that same-sex couples have the same parental rights as parents in opposite-sex relationships — including financial support and child custody.


EAST MONTPELIER, Vt. –  Prosecutors say no charges will be filed in the drowning death of a Vermont toddler who was in foster care.

More >> No charges filed in drowning death of toddler in foster care


A couple is suing several members of the sheriff's department, the Board of Supervisors and Arizona Department of Child Safety employees claiming that their two sons were temporarily removed from their home because the parents refused to cooperate in a criminal investigation into break-ins and illegal parties.

More >> Parents sue DCS, sheriff's department over removal of sons in party probe


A state-funded group home that is supposed to help South Florida children with disabilities has racked up a history of complaints including child abuse and neglect, police and state records show.

More >> Children with disabilities abused at group home, complaints allege


Kansas Department for Children and Families secretary Phyllis Gilmore says the state agency tasked with overseeing the child welfare system is trying to increase the number of foster parents it has to take care of kids. Some children have had to stay overnight in foster care contractors’ offices while they wait for a home. (December 2015 file photograph/The Capital-Journal)

More >> Data confirms Kansas foster kids staying overnight in contractors’ offices


A MAN accused of raping young foster children in his mother's care is facing dozens of additional charges, with police now interviewing four children under the age of 10 in an unfolding scandal.

More >> Man accused of raping foster children faces more charges

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Jonneshia Lewis Story

I am posting this story at the request of the mother.

My name is Jonneshia Doss. Recently a CPS Worker Niema Harvey lied under oath and on a petition because I exercised my 4th and 14th amendment rights.  She came out for the first time on 9-7-16 about allegations of Physical Neglect and Threatened Harm of Charity (my now 13 year old). I explained all this to her:

On July 18, 2015, the last time Charity ran away, she alleged I beat her, tied her up in the basement, and allowed my niece to beat her. (Unknown to me until recently obtaining my cps records) CPS did substantiate the claims but continued to leave her there. Jasmine Royster (CPS) and her supervisor Ms. K. Hall suggested the guardianship since Charity said she didn't want to live with me and wanted to live with her grandparents, so that the other children would not be in harms way. She even wrote letters to her counselor asking to be taken but asking that her siblings stay home.

 In August 2015, the guardianship was granted and Charity and I both asked for no contact with each other at the hearing so that was it. As I spoke with my mother, Charity had ran away from her house, stealing from the Kmart, getting suspended, truant from home, had and cut off numerous tethers, stole my mother's car and crashed it and costed my mother thousands of dollars she didn't have. She also had a probation officer due to her behaviors. 
On December 9th I was arrested on a warrant stemming from her July 18, 2015 allegations. Child Abuse 3, Felonious Assault, and Unlawful Imprisonment, which were dismissed on January 5, 2017. Niema put in the petition I was arrested and charged with these felonies in 2012 and that I had 9 substantiated cases, which also were lies.

My mother filed the petition to terminate the guardianship but was not ordered until October of 2016. When CPS tried to force her on me I did say no because she had put me and my other children at risk. Every time she ran away CPS came out and her behavior at school was also uncontrollable. I had not abandoned her or had any contact with her since August 2015. It had not been 28 or 91 days so I shouldn't have been accused of Physical Neglect.
 I let Niema see my children at the door and that wasn't good enough. She accused me of Educational Neglect because my children were fighting and getting bullied at their DPS school, so I decided to try and homeschool, which is my right as well. I have had interactions with CPS, but I was finally doing good with no CPS intervention until this happened.

When my rights were terminated to Charity it was 11-9-16 and not in September like the petition says. She never met my husband and testified to not having any contact information for him, but she put in the petition he prevented her from seeing the children as well. It has been over 30 days since they were removed.

 I have court ordered visitation but are only allowed one 2 hour visit a week. Also she called the police to my home November 23, 2016 claiming she was doing a 30 day update but, without a warrant, they couldn't force me to let her in either. I was never notified in writing that a case was being opened from September.

No one has talked to the children until almost 30 days after they were even taken, but it was necessary to lie in court to get them removed. 

December 9, 2016 as I was being arrested and handcuffed on the warrant, Niema Harvey and 2 other workers who did not identify themselves, walked around my home, in my bedroom, kitchen, upstairs, and all over my house without permission.

 They had a removal order but nothing saying it was ok to search my home. I was informed by Niema that I had a pretrial hearing at 1:30 that afternoon but she would ask for an adjournment. She did not notify the court or my attorney that I was arrested, so they had court without me or my husband. Also, my husband was not notified by mail of any court dates or investigations since the beginning of all this. 

She stated in the petition that we resided together, so why no notice by mail? No one is doing anything about this. I have made her supervisor aware N. Reeder CPS supervisor section manager T. McDougal, Adam Baker District Manager, Michael Greening Office of the Family Advocate, and The Office of the Children's Ombudsman and no one is responding to my emails or addressing returning my children with all the evidence I have of her numerous lies and that my children were not abused or neglected. I have proof that during a March 22, 2017 FTM it was told to me and my husband all this is because I wanted a warrant for her to search my home. Our home is suitable, are income was suitable, and my children were attending school online and thru curriculum I bought for them.

My children are 11, 10, 8, 6, and 3. My children want to speak to someone about this because they are suffering from separation anxiety and all of them want to come home. DHHS Foster Care Worker Iris Bond of North Central District is only offering 2 hour a week visits with my 6, 9, and 11 year olds. 

We can't even get proper notice of hearings or anything. When the children were removed, I was texted at 10:05 a.m. December 5th that court was at 1:30 p.m. that same day. Please help us get our wrongfully removed children back home. These workers should not have qualified immunity for lying on court reports and petitions, to break up homes. I have also contacted State Reps, and State and Federal government officials. My son Josiah Lewis was found wandering after being removed from me but I found thru Facebook and not DHHS. Because I keep addressing the rights and policies violated, this agency is not following visitation court orders, Michigan Legislation concerning removals, adjudication hearings, documentation, expungement requests, refusing to amend an inaccurate petition or cps record, and a list of other laws. I don't have money for decent representation so my children have been in care 8 months without being adjudicated and at the trial phase because I wasn't notified of my right to a judge instead of a biased referee who doesn't follow court rules. My family's life has been shattered and torn apart because of a worker's lies. If anyone would read her cps report, it exonerates me and tells of her judge shopping to get my family torn apart.


From jonneshia lewis 

Good Evening,

Today JD did not get to the visit until 5:25. DD didn't get to the visit until 6:15. The visit is scheduled to start at 5pm and end at 7pm. We arrived and signed in at 5:09pm due to our bus being an hour late. But we texted a message letting iris bond know we were going to be late. 

We end the visits at around 6:50, so how is that fair to me or my children? Jeremiah Doss was musty yet againSo many visits haven't been made up as it is. How long will our rights continue to be violated?  The MDHHS is not considering our children's best interest.

Jonneshia Doss

Cary Flagg 

                I am sending this letter to you concerning the poor choices being made by the State in the matter of the Lewis Case. I have followed this case for well over a year now and have read the case history and reports and find it absolutely troubling that the department would waste resources on such a matter. There have been no findings of abuse or neglect, yet the department continues to interfere with the upbringing and parenting of these children, which is protect by the constitution and the supreme court has even ruled in favor of parents in such matters.

                Furthermore, the petition you originally filed is inaccurate and even your workers admitted to such during a FTM in which the inaccuracies were supposed to be corrected but thus far have not been. Also, the way in which the mother was originally notified about her first court hearing violates due process set forth and creates a notice defect. Text messaging a parent just hours before a court hearing is not an appropriate notification. Please check your Michigan Court Rules on how this is to be proply done.

                Finally, taking into consideration the most recent events with the children I would like to point out that taking away visits as a punishment to the child is not an option. This could be looked at as emotional abuse by the department and its workers.  You have no finding of abuse or neglect and have admitted that the family is well bonded yet you're unable to admit to your own mistakes and correct them moving forward. You have taken children from a loving protective home to place them apart from one another. You have failed at providing counseling in a timely manner. You have not followed through with medical or doctor visits nor have you worked with the parents and taken any of their thoughts into consideration on services for the children even when they still have legal rights to be informed and to make decisions.

Kindest Regards,

Cary Flagg
President, Families Civil Liberties Union of Michigan


jonneshia lewis 

What happened to placement in close proximity to the child's home? What happened to a home like setting? What happened to siblings being placed together? All five of my children are separated. One is in Pontiac, one is in Flint, one is in Vista Maria, and two are God knows where! They are not following MDHHS Foster Care Policy Manual about placement. My children's rights are being violated and they need help!  
Because they are placed so far away they use this as an excuse for my children to be late to visits or not show up at visits at all. My 6 year old missed a visit 2 hour visit on Tuesday of last week and 45 minutes on Wednesday of last week that has not yet been rescheduled or made up. This is also a form of Parental Alienation.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <>
Date: Sep 11, 2017 11:26 AM
Subject: Jeremiah Doss Josiah Lewis move
To: "jonneshia lewis" <>, "Deonte Lewis" <>
Cc: "Angela Barney" <>

Good Morning,

Ms. Doss and Mr. Lewis 

This a follow up to the message I left on Ms. Doss phone (***)***-**** on 09/11/2017 at 11:15 am.
This is to notify you that on 09/07/2017 Jeremiah Doss and Josiah Lewis were moved to new placements.
Jeremiah was moved to Whaley Children's Center located at 1201 N. Grand Traverse St.
                                                                                       Flint, MI 48503
He resides on the Mott unit.

Whaley has been given all your contact information so that Jeremiah can call you.
Josiah was placed in another Homes for Black Children licensed foster home.
I have sent you a letter with this information along with documents requesting any information regarding any relative(s) who may be willing to care for Jeremiah and/or Josiah.  

Joyce Dace
Foster Care Specialist
Homes for Black Children
(313) 961-4777 ext 136
Fax (313) 964-3733

From <>


jonneshia lewis 

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "jonneshia lewis" <>
Date: Jul 3, 2017 3:06 PM

Subject: Fwd: My son wandered off and ended up on Facebook and the news. And I don't get a call from the state or my mother.

To: <>

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "jonneshia lewis" <>
Date: May 8, 2017 8:12 PM

Subject: My son wandered off and ended up on Facebook and the news. And I don't get a call.




Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Life Plus 20 Years - LK Report for 9/20/17

Here are today's headlines.  
Check back later.  You never know when I might update this post.

TEENAGERS are the overlooked and vulnerable in Central Queensland's foster care system, according to AnglicareCQ.


PONTIAC — The life sentence of a foster mother convicted of murder was reduced to 38 years Tuesday after a judge issued a new sentence in the 2011 death of a 4-year-old girl placed in the woman's care.


TULSA, Oklahoma - A former Green Country foster care worker is heading to prison.

Timothy Cheatwood pleaded guilty Tuesday to sexually abusing a 6-year-old boy, as well as making and distributing child pornography involving that child.


MUSKEGON COUNTY, MI - A 69-year-old Muskegon area man is accused of sexually assaulting a mentally disabled foster care resident at his home.


Kansas Department for Children and Families secretary Phyllis Gilmore says the state agency tasked with overseeing the child welfare system is trying to increase the number of foster parents it has to take care of kids. Some children have had to stay overnight in foster care contractors’ offices while they wait for a home.


It’s been six years since Vanessa took in her brother’s grandchildren, but it is only in the last couple of weeks, with their start at a new school — Immaculate Conception in Astoria — that she knows “everything will be all right.” Thanks to a scholarship from the Children’s Scholarship Fund, they are finally in a “quiet” and “loving” school.


GOLDEN, COLO. - A grand jury has returned a 22-count indictment against Richelle Schultz, a former Jefferson County Department of Human Services caseworker accused of falsifying information.

More >> Former JeffCo caseworker tasked with investigating child abuse accused of falsying information


MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Minneapolis couple says they are trying to give a 6-year-old girl a better life, but tribal law is preventing that from happening.

More >> ‘She’s Our Daughter’: Couple Blocked From Adopting Girl Fights For Parental Rights


Trent Thorburn is seeking to be released on bail as he appeals his four-year sentence for incest and perjury relating to his foster sister Tiahleigh Palmer.

Thorburn has been in custody since he was charged in September 2016 with having sex with the 12-year-old in the days before her death.

More >> Incest foster brother Trent Thorburn wants bail as he appeals sentence


Foster carers Penelope and Ronald Jones, aged 71 and 88 respectively, found themselves thrust into the national spotlight when counter-terrorism police raided their terraced home in Sunbury-on-Thames, Surrey, following the arrest of an 18-year-old at Dover on Saturday in connection with the Parsons Green bombing.

More >> 'Beautiful people': the foster carers raided by counter-terrorism police


A Sacramento agency running one of the few remaining foster care shelters in California has violated health and safety laws and the personal rights of children more than 120 times in recent years — a number matched only by state-licensed facilities that have been shut down or placed on probation.

More >> Numerous violations cited at Sacramento foster care shelter campus


A former Lackawanna County Office of Youth and Family Services caseworker who claims she was fired for seeking medical leave actually was terminated because she approved of allowing a teenager accused of sexually abusing a neighborhood child to baby-sit his siblings, the county says in court records.

More >> County says CYS caseworker was fired for neglect of duty

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Juggalo's, London Bombers and Child Protective Services - LK Report for 9/17/17

Here are today's headlines.  
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The broken-hearted stood up to give witness in Clinton, Iowa on October 8, 2016. After campaigning political candidates finished, families took the microphone. A soft-spoken, middle-aged woman went first.


Young Indian couples travelling to the United States on short to mid-term job assignments are increasingly facing the menace of child confiscation by the country’s child protection agencies, who wrongly accuse them of abuse. The “child abuse” is determined using the controversial Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) indicator, the veracity of which is contested.


The report noted that only four states — Arizona, California, Pennsylvania and Utah — considered Juggalos to be a gang and later versions of the Gang Threat Assessment dropped any mention of them altogether. But Juggalo nation has been in a legal battle to clear their members' names ever since, saying people have lost jobs, been harassed by police and even been impacted in child custody battles because of the label.

More >> Thousands of Juggalos expected to march on Washington on Saturday

Other Juggalos (and Juggalettes, as their female members are known) told stories of losing jobs, of being stopped by police, of being threatened with having their children taken away, all because of their musical preferences and face-painting.

More >> Juggalos in Washington: Don't call us a gang


LANSING, MI - The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services could not take gun ownership into account when placing foster and adoptive children under a bill introduced by Rep. Holly Hughes, R-Montague.


A TEEN suspected of being the Parsons Green bucket bomber is thought to be a refugee fostered by an elderly couple who were honoured by the Queen.

The 18-year-old - the youngest to be arrested over a terror attack in the UK - is being quizzed by cops after he was seized in Dover on Saturday.

More >> FOSTER KID 'IS BUCKET BOMBER’Parsons Green terror suspect, 18, revealed as ‘refugee taken in by MBE foster couple’ – as neighbours claim ‘problematic’ teen was arrested TWO WEEKS ago


A new poll by a children’s charity has revealed over 85% of UK adults surveyed show little or no interest in fostering, raising concerns over the future of foster care in the UK.

More >> Shocking survey reveals 'true scale' of foster care crisis


The 5-year-old daughter of a Coal Township couple was allegedly beaten and bruised while in a Snyder County foster home.

Mary Ruiz said her seven children between the ages of 2 and 17 were removed from their home in April amid allegations she and her husband, Charlly, were using drugs. She said they still don't have custody of their children because Northumberland County Children and Youth officials say they remain "non-compliant."

More >> Mother: Child was beaten in foster care


CHEYENNE – A local man was sentenced Thursday to at least 18 years in prison for sexually abusing a teenage foster child.

More >> Cheyenne man sentenced to prison for sexually abusing foster child


A top state administrator is considering a change that would have state employees conduct the screening for prospective foster parents rather than out-source that work.

More >> DHS director reviewing screening process for foster care parents


MINT HILL, N.C. - Frustrated neighbors are fed up with fights, violent outbursts and daily calls to police about a group home for children.

Mint Hill town leaders are researching what it would take to close it down if things don't change.

More >> Neighbors say group home for children is out of control


The Arizona Department of Child Services recently updated its policy to clarify that the agency will not issue foster-care licenses to anyone who uses or possesses cannabis, even if legal under the state's medical marijuana laws. This decision is based on an anti-marijuana policy that the agency adopted in 2011, DCS spokesman Darren DaRonco said. DaRonco specified that DCS will not exclude potential foster parents that have been issued medical marijuana cards, but only those that actually use medical cannabis.

More >> Arizona Child Services Prohibits Medical Marijuana Users From Becoming Foster Parents

Friday, September 15, 2017

70% of Prostitutes Come From Foster Care - LK Report for 9/15/17

Here are today's headlines.  
Check back later.  You never know when I might update this post.

Late last month, the Times made some rather astounding claims that Tower Hamlets council had placed a five-year-old white, British Christian girl into the care of a niqab-wearing Muslim family who didn’t speak English. As a qualified children’s social worker with more than 20 years’ experience, I suspected the story was exaggerated. My suspicions were confirmed within the next few days as the council claimed there were numerous errors in the reporting of the case and a court order was published.


This year, another 10,000 children would have left care, what will happen to them?

What happens when a kid has to leave care after their eighteenth birthday? Are they able to get a job? Do they go to university? Has the government, seen as the ‘parents’, given them the tools needed to succeed in their future endeavours?


BENGALURU: At a health camp held in a reputed school in BTM Layout recently, a doctor and his staff were accused of abusing some girls.The students reached out to a teacher, who passed on the information to Childline Bangalore. But when she was asked to support the investigation, she pulled back. Even the girls' parents decided to stay quiet, saying the matter had been resolved.


Joel Kurtinitis’ opinion piece, “Attacks on homeschooling are short on facts” [Sept. 10], was missing some facts of its own.

Kurtinitis compared our database of homeschool abuse cases to the number of reports investigated by child protective services annually to claim that homeschool students are 4,000 times less likely to be abused. This is absurd. Our database includes only cases that are both especially horrific and hit the news. Even so, when we compared the fatalities in our database with a comprehensive list of child abuse fatalities nationwide we found that homeschooled children were no less likely to die from child abuse than children who attend school.

More >> Homeschool children are no more, no less likely to die from child abuse

NORMAN, Oklahoma - A Norman teen is in a coma after he was injured at a state-contracted group home. His mother says she can't get any answers about what happened. 


GRAND FORKS, N.D. (Valley News Live) Internal emails revealed concerns with the leadership of the CPS department ultimately lead 11 people to leave a department of 7 people in just over a year's time.

More >> Families, former social worker claim dysfunctional CPS department is hurting kids


Tiahleigh Palmer’s foster brother could be freed by January next year after being sentenced to four years in jail on Thursday afternoon.

Trent Thorburn pleaded guilty to four charges, including incest, after admitting to his mother in 2015 that he had had sex with then 12-year-old Palmer.

More >> Anger over 'pathetic' sentence for Tiahleigh Palmer's foster brother


LINCOLN — Nebraska youths in state care attempted suicide in rising numbers last year, according to a new report.

More >> Report: Suicide attempts, sexual abuse cases rise among young Nebraskans in state care


James Dunn is a former Lake County Foster Parent of the Year who fostered 12 different children with no complaints.

Now, the 42-year-old Concord Township resident will never be allowed to foster another child again.

More >> Former Lake County Foster Parent of the Year sentenced for crimes against boys


Cape Town - A Khayelitsha father, 59, who has been charged with sodomising, raping and sexually abusing his now 16-year-old foster daughter between 2007 and 2013, will know next week whether he will be granted bail.

More >> Alleged rapist of foster daughter pleads for bail


The number of child abuse investigations in Bucks County has nearly doubled over the last two years, while the annual turnover rate for caseworkers who investigate those claims is twice as high as it was before 2015.

More >> PA auditor general: Child-welfare system 'breakdowns' put kids at risk for abuse, death

Thursday, September 14, 2017

No Foster Kids 4 U - LK Report for 9/14/17

Here are today's headlines.  
Check back later.  You never know when I might update this post.

The Pennsylvania auditor general says the state’s child welfare system is broken.

Eugene DePasquale released a special report Thursday that took aim at the system by the numbers.

“What I found for my ‘State of the Child’ special report is appalling,” DePasquale said. “I’m talking about wholesale system breakdowns that actually prevent (Children and Youth Services) caseworkers from protecting our children from abuse and neglect.”


The state DCS rejected her after she admitted she was a registered caregiver under the state's medical-marijuana law and kept a product in her home that contained cannabidol (CBD), a non-psychoactive compound that's found in cannabis.

Yet the product, along with all other forms of cannabis, is perfectly legal for qualified users and caregivers under the state's voter-approved, 2010 medical-marijuana law.


A south Arkansas mother whose 3-year-old drowned in a washing machine should not have had to surrender her newborn to the state months after an accident based on her "mindset," the Arkansas Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday.


MILWAUKEE (AP) -- Milwaukee city planners are pushing forward with an idea to use tiny homes to help teens aging out of foster care.


Hoping to combat the high cost of incarceration and break the cycle of children following their parents to prison, some cities have created programs to keep women out of jail and with their children.


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – When kids have no place to go, families across the state open up their homes. However, as KRQE News discovered on Special Assignment, the need outweighs what’s actually available.


It looks like Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans just can’t escape the custody battles these days. Since it was alleged that the reality star and her newborn daughter Ensley tested positive for marijuana, a new report has surfaced saying that Jenelle’s mother Barbara Evans has banned her daughter from seeing Jace, whom she has custody of.

Note: Usually it would be CPS that makes that decision.  In this case, grandma is playing God.

The foster brother who allegedly had a sexual relationship with slain Logan schoolgirl Tiahleigh Palmer is set to be sentenced at a Queensland court.

Trent Thorburn, 20, is due to face the Beenleigh District Court on Thursday on charges of perjury, attempting to pervert the course of justice and incest.


Seattle Mayor Ed Murray announced his resignation Tuesday. It comes after a man purporting to be Murray's cousin stepped forward claiming Murray sexually abused him in the mid-1970s when he was a boy.


Widlene Earle has never been to Canada, but she calls the country home and holds it in high regard because of its warm welcomes, cold snow and its eternal connection to Justin Bieber.


(NEWSER) – A Maryland couple whose YouTube prank videos garnered them accusations of child abuse were sentenced to five years probation on child neglect charges Monday, BuzzFeed reports. Michael and Heather Martin entered a plea to avoid jail time, admitting the state had enough to convict them without actually admitting guilt. The Martins' YouTube channel, DaddyOFive, featured hundreds of videos of them "pranking" their five children, according to the Frederick News-Post. Prosecutors singled out one video showing Heather screaming obscenities at a crying 10-year-old Cody—their youngest child—after falsely accusing him of pouring ink on the carpet and another video where Cody is falsely told he is no longer going to live with them.

More >> Parents Sentenced for Child Neglect Over YouTube Videos

In February 2015, Rebecca Wanosik took her then nine-week-old daughter Zeydn to the pediatrician. She was looking for answers for Zeydn’s seemingly inexplicable right arm pain. Instead, that one visit would end up turning her life upside down.


Prosecutors said there was no evidence of crimes being committed at an orphanage where at least 400 children are thought to have been buried in an unmarked mass grave.

More >> 'No crime' over orphanage mass grave

A growing number of parents say their children have been unfairly taken from them and adopted, lawyers and campaigners said today.

There are more than 100 cases where children have been adopted without sufficient evidence they are at risk from their birth parents, according to the BBC.

More >> Outcry from social workers over forced adoptions

Monday, September 11, 2017

Hillary Ain't Running Again!!! - LK Report for 9/11/17

Here are today's headlines.  
Check back later.  You never know when I might update this post.

(Grand Marais, MN) A former Cook County Health and Human Services Director will no longer have custody, or be able to visit his children, after he was charged with child abuse. Television station K-B-J-R reports that 40-year-old Josh Beck made his first appearance in court today (Monday) at the Cook County Courthouse. A judge decided to give custody to the children's grandmother, who lives in Indiana.

More >> Former Cook County HHS Dir. Loses Custody Of Children Amid Child Abuse Charges

CHILDREN WHO HAVE been sexually abused are being made to wait five years before their court cases are completed.

For the past 27 years, Zo and Rusty Tichenor have taken in more than 100 foster children.

From the get-go, the Owensboro couple agreed to accept girls only who were 12 and older.

More >> Aging out: 18-year-old foster children confront life-changing decision

Over 85% of UK adults surveyed on behalf of Action for Children showed little or no interest in fostering, the charity found.

Some 4,262 adults in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales were surveyed by YouGov in July 2017.

More >> More than 85% of adults would not foster a child, charity's survey finds

Finally I get to post some good news.

The former secretary of state and author of the Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997 says she will not pursue the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.

More >> Hillary Clinton: ‘I am done with being a candidate’

Guess what

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